Ellen Li

Designer, developer, improv actor and frisbee tosser. Toronto born and based. ENTP. Welcome to my site! 👩🏻‍💻

I work at Shopify designing platform products and tools. Before my career in product design, I worked in the medical sciences. I love bridging disciplines, building things and doing good.

💬 me@ellen.li
📸 @lifewithellen

Recent projects

  • Up Next

    A macOS menu bar app so your meetings are only a glance or shortcut (⌘J) away. Try it →
  • Analytics

    Empowering Shopify app developers with analytics to help them run a better business. See it →
  • Sales Channel SDK

    APIs, tools and resources to build a Shopify sales channel. Add shopping and checkout to any app or website.
  • Multichannel Shopify

    An interface to discover and manage Shopify sales channels. Sell anywhere, including FB, Amazon and Pinterest.
  • Sunrise

    A Chrome extension that applies Sunrise styles to Google Calendar. Check it out →
  • Enty Co.

    Posters and stickers I made for personality psychology enthusiasts. Browse the shop →